Obama? More Like O-BETA

The more I see of how Obama handles this Syria situation, along with how he allows Putin to bully him like a true alpha male, the more I see that Obama is a straight up beta.

Obama could easily solve the Syria crisis with a little bit of amused mastery and an alpha smirk, along with some feigned disinterest, amogging, and skillful backhanded compliments. But does he do any of this? No!

Note the lack of alpha badboy smirk:


Now note Putin’s alpha dominating badboy smirk:


No contest:

Imagine if a respected manosphere figure could become a respected pundit at a major news outlet, doing things like red pill political analysis? Then we could get commentary and critiques that matter. Imagine a summit where the leaders meet, and we get actual meaningful analysis like whose body language was more alpha, who dominated physically, and who can control female public opinion better via their game? That will never happen right now because the media is too beta and blue pill, but the red pill is a movement that refuses to be stopped, and it will be mainstream soon, mark my words.


New Catchphrase For The Manosphere

There’s a popular phrase all the kids use nowadays: “Haters gonna hate.”

I propose a new catchphrase to use whenever a sniveling beta tries to hate on a red pill manosphere ugly truth:

“Betas gonna bate.” (as in MASTERbate)

It basically means that these game denialists can deny ugly truths all they want but the one ugly truth they can’t deny at the end of the day is when they’re holding their flaccid members in their greasy palms beating off to tentacle rape porn like the losers they are, while us alphas are swimming in women.

The best thing about red pill alphas like me and others in the manosphere is that unlike other alphas we don’t persecute betas. We try to uplift them and give them a chance to partake in alphadom. Far too many of them, instead of appreciating this and being inspired, instead choose to pursue a life of hating…and eventually, bating. Heh.


GAME SAVES LIVES – Example #134747

According to this article:


This dude shot up a naval yard full of innocent people because he was so pissed about getting dumped by his Thai crush. The media was so close to swallowing the red pill on this but ultimately fell short, as can be expected. The media must shy away from ugly truths and always go for the pc solution. Let’s not even go into the fact that his race wasn’t taken into account in the article. No mention of disparate crime rates between blacks and whites and whether genetics may have had a role (shh, no HBD mentions please!).

Most of all they don’t mention how learning dating skills and GAME could have swung things around for this guy. GAME SAVES LIVES. If this guy had game, he could have easily banged his Thai crush as well as a ton of other hotties. A badboy alpha smirk and aloof amused mastery, anyone?

Thank goodness for the red pill. If it spreads far and wide enough, maybe in the future we’ll see less crap like this. Of course if the PC media had it’s way, that would never happen. Papers like the NY Post sometimes flirt with ugly truths but that’s as far as they go.

Some of the irrelevant distractions the article goes into to avoid talking about race and game:

  • Possible PTSD (sorry, even PTSD is no match for good game. The only trauma he had was not getting laid and being beta)
  • Hearing voices (the only voices he had a problem with were his beta demons and women rejecting him with the “let’s just be friends”) line
  • Racial discrimination (blacks don’t experience real racism. Your average white male experiences more real racism these days. Remember, antiracist=antiwhite. Also, a little race realism will reveal the role genetics likely played.)
  • 9/11 memories (Yeah, the only tragedy responsible for this was the lack of action in his pants.)

We have to continue the war against ugly truth and spread the red pill gospel. As one who has always been an alpha, I nonetheless realize the plight of my beta brethren and realize they need no added scorn to their plight, but rather alpha upliftment. That’s what Lord of the Alphas, this new blog, aims to do.


(Also, for newcomers to the red pill, google manosphere, red pill, steve sailer, or go to blogs like http://www.heartiste.wordpress.com or http://www.freedomtwentyfive.com. Thank me later.)