Obama? More Like O-BETA

The more I see of how Obama handles this Syria situation, along with how he allows Putin to bully him like a true alpha male, the more I see that Obama is a straight up beta.

Obama could easily solve the Syria crisis with a little bit of amused mastery and an alpha smirk, along with some feigned disinterest, amogging, and skillful backhanded compliments. But does he do any of this? No!

Note the lack of alpha badboy smirk:


Now note Putin’s alpha dominating badboy smirk:


No contest:

Imagine if a respected manosphere figure could become a respected pundit at a major news outlet, doing things like red pill political analysis? Then we could get commentary and critiques that matter. Imagine a summit where the leaders meet, and we get actual meaningful analysis like whose body language was more alpha, who dominated physically, and who can control female public opinion better via their game? That will never happen right now because the media is too beta and blue pill, but the red pill is a movement that refuses to be stopped, and it will be mainstream soon, mark my words.