New Catchphrase For The Manosphere

There’s a popular phrase all the kids use nowadays: “Haters gonna hate.”

I propose a new catchphrase to use whenever a sniveling beta tries to hate on a red pill manosphere ugly truth:

“Betas gonna bate.” (as in MASTERbate)

It basically means that these game denialists can deny ugly truths all they want but the one ugly truth they can’t deny at the end of the day is when they’re holding their flaccid members in their greasy palms beating off to tentacle rape porn like the losers they are, while us alphas are swimming in women.

The best thing about red pill alphas like me and others in the manosphere is that unlike other alphas we don’t persecute betas. We try to uplift them and give them a chance to partake in alphadom. Far too many of them, instead of appreciating this and being inspired, instead choose to pursue a life of hating…and eventually, bating. Heh.